Company and Team Growth in Our 2020 Plans

Company and Team Growth in Our 2020 Plans

There’s been a lot of excitement around the GCM Event Management office recently as we’ve homed in on our aggressive 2020 goals. We expect to see lots of team members promoted and new markets opened over the next 12 months. We know it’ll take a lot of hard work to turn our goals into reality, but we’ve never been afraid to tackle big challenges.

As we pursue our growth goals for the first year of the 2020s, we’ll also be adding fresh talent to Team GCM Event Management. We’ll be looking for driven professionals who are ready to learn new things every day. Anyone who wants to carve out a rewarding career path and fulfill his or her unique potential should check out the positions available with our firm.

Those who come aboard will find that we take training seriously. Along with one-to-one coaching that covers all aspects of our operations, we provide a wide range of ongoing education options. We frequently travel to industry conferences and other events that put us shoulder-to-shoulder with the sharpest minds in our business. New additions to our team will also get to travel to other offices for unique cross-training. It’s a recipe for constant improvement.

We can’t wait to really dig in and get 2020 off to a great start! For regular updates on how we’re doing, follow GCM Event Management on Newswire.

Due to the current circumstances of the COVID-19, we have chosen to temporarily close our office building due to the nature of our business, which is being in direct contact with customers. We want to ensure the safety of our staff and customers as well as do what we can to minimize the spread of the virus.