An Independence Day to Remember

An Independence Day to Remember

The Fourth of July is one of our favorite days around the GCM Event Management office, and we proved it again this year! Our Independence Day celebration was truly one to remember, with fireworks, great food, and lots of team bonding. We’re newly inspired to make the rest of 2019 as successful as possible after wishing our country another happy birthday.

Along with the festive feel of our Independence Day Party, we also had the chance to reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far this year. By looking at our wins with fresh eyes, we can get motivated to go even further with our future goals. The positive vibes we create at our team gatherings also carry over into our work back at GCM Event Management HQ. We become an even stronger group of collaborators by having fun together away from the office.

When we gather for our group activities, we also reinforce our firm’s reputation as a prime landing spot for ambitious pros. Our team culture is supportive and inspiring. We also know how to kick back away from our work roles. By sharing details of our outings through social media and our company site, we let everyone know this is the ideal place to build a rewarding career.

It’s been a great summer so far at GCM Event Management. Like us on Facebook to get updates on our team events and achievements.

Due to the current circumstances of the COVID-19, we have chosen to temporarily close our office building due to the nature of our business, which is being in direct contact with customers. We want to ensure the safety of our staff and customers as well as do what we can to minimize the spread of the virus.