Making the Most of Every Travel Opportunity

Making the Most of Every Travel Opportunity

Being able to broaden our horizons through travel is one of the best parts of being on Team GCM Event Management. We enjoy monthly road trips that allow us to meet new people and hone our skills. The fact that we get to experience so many vibrant cities in the process is icing on the cake. Our many team travel events offer the following key benefits:

• Hands-On Learning: When we attend conferences and other big industry functions, we get to learn up close and personal from all kinds of subject experts. Hands-on training is always valuable, so to receive it from top performers from all across the country is an amazing opportunity. We come back to the GCM Event Management office ready to apply fresh thinking to our biggest projects.

• Networking: Of course, we also take full advantage of the contacting potential at big events. Listening to keynote speeches from accomplished people is one thing; adding them to our contact lists is another. We come prepared with strong elevator pitches so that we make positive impressions every time.

• Stronger Bonds: We head out to great restaurants and sample nightlife options whenever possible on the road. When we get back home, we’re better prepared to fuse our talents for bigtime wins.

These are a few reasons why we look forward to every team trip. Check out our GCM Event Management Newswire to stay up to date on our travel plans.

Due to the current circumstances of the COVID-19, we have chosen to temporarily close our office building due to the nature of our business, which is being in direct contact with customers. We want to ensure the safety of our staff and customers as well as do what we can to minimize the spread of the virus.